December 1, 2020

How to save your business and develop it

There is only one effective way to preserve business marketing. If there is no marketing, there are no customers and no business. In 99% of cases, problems in business arise from the lack of marketing or its poor quality. If you think differently, then imagine for a second that all the customers have disappeared. There were clients and suddenly they are not. There are no clients.

How to save your business and clients

If you look into the eyes of reality, you will look at the starting point and see how to save your business. Looking at the starting point, you will clearly understand that not everything is as scary as it may seem.Why? Because you will not go below the reference point, because it is the limit, the absolute limit beyond which there is nothing. The starting point is the bottom. The feeling of the bottom relaxes and calms.

You see potential, just tremendous potential

Standing at the bottom, look up. What do you see? You see potential, just tremendous potential. You see the potential of others as well as your own. Every business has a potential that just needs to be realized. Everyone needs goods and services. Therefore, customers will never disappear. This will never happen. They always were, are and will be.

How to save business and money

To save business, you just need to get customers faster than others and as cheap as possible. The idea is of course banal, but it is not easy to implement it. No other way. Competitors will not allow you to save your business in other ways. The cheaper the consumer costs, the higher the profit, because there are no other sources of cost reduction.

Marketing as a way to save business

This means that you will never be able to get customers in General and cheap customers in particular. To get at least some customers, and even more cheap and fast, you need very high-quality marketing. It is not customary to say this out loud, but the main purpose of marketing is to reduce the cost of customers and reduce their generation time.

So marketing is catching fish with a net

You can fish with a fishing rod, or you can put a net. So marketing is catching fish with a net. If you set the net correctly, you can catch a lot of fish at once. Of course, you need to invest in the network, it costs a little more than a fishing rod. But you do not need a bait that is enough for exactly one time. As a result, the net is cheaper than a fishing rod.

And fishing with a fishing rod assumes that you need to sit and catch. The network can be set up and periodically checked, while doing other things at the same time. Marketing is like a network, so it is a very popular tool around the world that helps to save business. A lot of money is invested in it. Very often, investments in marketing reach up to 20% of revenue.

Proven way to save your business

There may be several ways to organize marketing. One of them is to hire a marketing specialist and he will do everything. The second option is not to hire a marketing specialist, but to contact specialized companies and they will do everything. The third option is to outsource marketing to a marketer who works with you but is not on the staff.

Your marketer in the state of course “closer to the body”, but he needs to pay a salary, plus you need to Finance marketing activities. As a result, you have to pay twice. Marketing companies will only have to pay for specific products, but they will need to maintain an office, employees, and other costs. Therefore, working with them is usually expensive.