December 1, 2020

Is personal information required to buy a prepaid card?

One of The best part of Ezzocard that I liked is you don’t need any verification, neither ID card nor any other personal information. Another thing is when you making a purchase you are not required to provide any personal information. And you can use anonymous payment like cryptocurrencies. There have no chance to lose your personal information. So it is safe to use. There have no hidden charge. You just pay the card and processing fee. If you want to buy prepaid card online you should pay something. But if you purchase a MasterCard prepaid virtual credit card there have a monthly charge. Another thing is they are offering a refund option to the customer. That means if you do not want to use the card anymore you can get a refund one month from the date of purchase. To get a refund you have to talk to the support team.

Instant card delivery system

If you need a card within 24 hours just apply for the card make payment and get your Card Number VCC and pin. After getting your VCC and pin you can use for any international or domestic purchase. You can buy prepaid cards online very quick and simple in the Ezzocard. Ezzocard‘s user interface is true, easy to use. Just select the range or amount you want to buy. Then Click On Payment Method and confirm your purchase. You will get a payment address, copy the address, and pay. Get your information through your email. No reload means you cannot load balance when you use the entire amount you purchased the first time. But you can but another cad and this is boring.

What are the payment method are accessible in the Ezzocard?

You are getting only 3 payment methods are bitcoin, ethereum, and perfect money. And still now many countries don’t allow cryptocurrency. When you are entering into the virtual transaction you should have the technology awareness. Once you try this virtual transaction method you can be done your work at your home, you no need to go anywhere else to send or receive your money. You can prepay you every money transfer in your home itself, there is no need of time consumption. You just make it yourself to done a better and technical performance in your business. But almost every virtual credit or debit card provider offers android and macOS mobile application.