March 7, 2021

What are the types of essay writing?

Every student should write an essay on their academic level but every institution thinks that all students should write a unique essay. The students do not escape from writing an essay so some students do not know about what is essay writing and its types. So only they do not show their willingness to writing an essay. Here is the starting guide for the beginners of essay writing so just read out the points. It is a complicated thing to do because it requires more attention and research about it. Some people surf on the internet about its type.

Generally, there are only five types of essay writing such as narrative, descriptive, argumentative, compare and contrast, and expository. In the narrative, the students have the freedom to choose their wish and it is the most given assignment to them. In descriptive, this is also a commonly assigned essay type and the reason is the rules to write a descriptive essay are the same for every type of essay. In argumentative, the students should do some deep research and critical thinking is required. In comparison and contrast, this essay type is not assigned commonly and the students should compare an existing essay and contrast the difference. In expository, there are five types such as critical analysis, cause and effect, reflective, explanatory, and definition essay.

How to get a quality essay paper?

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