December 1, 2020

With the program Bolide Movie Creator video editing can be mastered even by a beginner

Bolide Movie Creator is the first advanced video editor for dummies, or more politically correct “for beginners”. I downloaded the installer from the official website of Bolide Movie Creator, it weighs less than 25 megabytes, and works with all Windows operating systems starting from Vista. The trial version is completely free and unlimited for the duration of use, the license can be purchased later, and its cost is low.

Quick installation and intuitive interface

Installation is fast. Quick launch. I will immediately note the first positive point – the interface is completely Russian-language, and the program was developed in Russia, taking into account, so to speak, the requirements of the mentality and needs of local novice filmmakers.

There are only five tabs to work with, they are marked short and clear: Photo/Video, Audio, Transitions, Effects, More. Under the mysterious “Still” there are nine options for virtual screens, you can simulate video playback on a Billboard or tablet screen, which is unusual. For me, it is a real small miracle to open a functional video editor and not feel the desire to immediately hide from it in the rain forests of the Amazon.

Bolide Movie Creator, despite its external simplicity, can do a lot. This modest-looking hard worker allows you to process all popular formats: AVI, MPEG, AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV. You can choose to save the final video file in AVI, MKV, WMV, MP4, or even in an animated GIF, which is so popular in social networks.

Work and convenience

The Bolide Movie Creator video editor does not require a long study of instructions. In my opinion, the program can be used immediately after the start. Everything is obvious and transparent. You can work with files by dragging and dropping them: first from the Explorer to the local library of the program, then from the library to the timeline for direct insertion into the current project. This is very convenient!

In the lower part of the program window, you can see the timeline and visual storyboard, and you can easily find the right moment to crop or insert a video.

When editing a video, you can speed it up or slow it down, completely remove or replace the sound, add music, or even improve the quality of your voice in the recording. Of course, you can adjust the basic parameters: brightness, contrast, saturation.

Visual effects and skills in Addition to standard editing tools, Bolide Movie Creator stores a wide range of visual effects: from banal, but very necessary Sepia to unexpected “Shrek” (green) and very strange” cross stitch”. And you can also make captions on videos, including animated ones with beautiful transitions. If you plan to show the final work to people with hearing loss, it will be convenient to add subtitles for them.

Among the useful features, I will also note the Zoom function – a certain zone is marked in the frame to zoom in, it gets closer when playing the video. This is useful if you were shooting something from a distance and didn’t use the camera’s zoom when can also fix this in the editor. And quite easily in a few clicks, without dancing with a tambourine.

Another very necessary skill, in my opinion, Bolide Movie Creator-the ability to highlight the manually marked area in the frame. The unlit space is additionally slightly darkened. This effect allows you to draw attention to non-obvious details.

In addition to all of the above, video clips can be provided with an additional creative load in the form of superimposed animation taken from virtually anywhere – it can be a cut-out figure of a Kung Fu Panda, the logo of your company or the symbol of a sports team that your daughter plays for. Everything depends on the task that you set for yourself, Bolide Movie Creator does not limit the flight of imagination. The main thing is not to be excruciatingly painful, do not forget to save your creations as a project or final video file.