December 1, 2020

Know What Are Residential Proxies

The internet is a huge world. It is reaching its arms in every nook and corner of the world. Every day an increasing number of people are using internet services for various purposes, and an increasing number of people are discovering new things on the internet. If you have some technical knowledge about the web world, you would’ve heard of words such as IP address, geo-tagging, residential proxies, etc. The topic that we’re going to discuss here is residential proxies.

Residential proxies- What are they?

The mediator that works on the IP address provided by the Internet Service Provider rather than the data center is known as the residential proxy. The IP address can track the geographical location from where the service is being used. Residential proxy is a false track of that. In simpler words, it is a technical way that proves the false location of the residential IP.

How are residential proxies commonly used?

Well, the use of residential proxy entirely depends on how the user wants to use it. However, according to studies, the most common uses of residential proxies are enlisted below.

  • Research- This technique is widely used for market research to know more about all kinds of data about an organization’s competitor firms by web scraping, affiliate testing, SEO, or travel fare.
  • Social networking sites- residential proxy help create multiple accounts and gain followers or subscribers and change the location of your accounts on various social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, to name a few.
  • Retail purpose- Another common use of residential proxy lies in the retail markets. You can search for a variety of products which are not available in your country.

Why use residential proxies?

As a reader, it is pretty much expected of you to have a question in your mind about why one would ever use a residential proxy. The answer is, there can be various ways due to which an internet user might not want to disclose their location.

Residential proxy help is the best way to keep your internet identity undisclosed. It works by changing your IP address by other residential addresses available that hides your information. However, you can only browse several times using the same IP address for a minute.